• All rates shown in the system are valid from April 01 of the current year till March 31 of next year, unless otherwise specified.
  • All rates are in US Dollars unless otherwise specified.
  • All hotel rates are per room, per night, and include all applicable taxes in effect at this time.
  • Rates shown may not be available over certain special events and/or convention dates.



  • Reservations can be made via this on-line system www.booking.gastaldiusa.com or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • All hotel reservations are guaranteed for the first night.
  • All changes and/or cancellations must be reported to Gastaldi USA. No refund will be allowed for changes/cancellations made directly by the passenger with the service supplier.
  • No-shows: 1 night penalty fee, plus any additional charge imposed by the supplier.



  • All rooms are run-of-House unless otherwise indicated.
  • Double rooms only contain one double bed. Separate beds must be specifically requested at time of booking and are subject to availability.
  • Triple and Quadruple rooms usually contain two double beds. Rollaway can sometimes be added, but they are not guaranteed and are subject to additional fees.
  • Family plans vary from hotel to hotel. They usually allow 1 (or 2) children under a certain age to stay free when sharing the existing beds with two full-paying adult guests.



  • Representatives cannot enter the arrival gates for security reasons. The driver or guide will meet the passenger in the baggage claim area or in front of the terminal building.
  • No-shows or missed pick-ups will not be refunded if the passenger does not contact Gastaldi USA or the provider of the service (the telephone number is usually indicated on the voucher) before leaving the airport (or hotel).



  • The system can automatically issue vouchers. Should you decide to issue your own travel documents, make sure that all vouchers covering services booked through Gastaldi USA clearly show the sentence “Booked and payable by Gastaldi USA, 276 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10001”. Unless otherwise specified.



  • Payments should be sent via wire-transfer to our bank (Please contact us for details)        
  • Bank expenses originating from outside the USA should be prepaid. If you choose to pay only the expense originating from your bank, a surcharge of $ 25.00 will apply to cover the Intermediate Bank’s fee.
  • Gastaldi USA also accepts American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. However, for credit card payments a 3% fee on the total amount of the invoice will be applied.
  • Payments should reach our office before the passenger’s arrival, unless credit terms have been agreed.
  • Advance deposits might be required in order to secure services during special events.  Gastaldi USA will not be able to guarantee these services if such deposits are not received within the agreed deadline.
  • Gastaldi USA reserves the right to apply a monthly surcharge of 1,5% on all invoices which are not paid by the agreed credit terms.  In such case, credit terms and/or commission agreements could also be cancelled at Gastaldi USA’s own discretion.